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U.S. Petition Works

​PO Box 7434

Avon, CO 81657

(970) 331-5200


Our professional virtual bankruptcy petition preparation services offer your law practice a more efficient, productive and profitable process for consumer Chapter 7 and 13 cases.  We perform the necessary due diligence and petition preparation freeing you up to grow your case load or be out of the office more, you decide!

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​​​​​​​​​Are you an Overworked Bankruptcy Attorney?

​ INCREASE two of your most VALUABLE resources...​TIME AND MONEY.

U.S. Petition Works is your solution for quick, accurate and detailed Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 debtor bankruptcy petition preparation. 

  • Save an average of 7 hours office time per debtor.
  • Increase profits by an average of 46%.
  • Reduce debtor calls to the law firm by up to 75%.
  • No upfront or hidden costs.
  • Consistent quality by Certified Professionals.​
  • ​100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

WITH  U.S. Petition Works   
Services Performed        Staff Time  Your Time
Client Intake Interview          30 min      15 min
Gathering Documents                               
Drafting Petition                                    
Client Phone Calls                               
Review Drafted Petition                         30 min
341 Meeting                                           30 min
TOTAL                             30 min    1 Hr 15 min



Our rates are based on a combination of:     

  Attorney fees charged to debtor

            Complexity of cases

            Volume prepared for the attorney

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~ The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) Chairman Michael F. Corbett

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~Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister of Singapore and Businessman

WITHOUT  U.S. Petition Works  
Services Performed         Staff Time    Your Time
Client Intake Interview           30 min          15 min
Gathering Documents                1 hr          15 min
Drafting Petition                        2 hr              
Client Phone Calls                    4 hr              1 hr
Review Drafted Petition                             30 min
341 Meeting                                               30 min
TOTAL                         7 hr 30 min    2 Hr 30 min