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U.S. Petition Works

​PO Box 7434

Avon, CO 81657

(970) 331-5200

     National Association of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants

Certified Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant

U.S. Petition Works provides debtor bankruptcy forms processing for attorneys nationwide, performed by Certified Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants who are experts in preparing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 debtor bankruptcy petitions.

We take bankruptcy petition preparation seriously and work only under the direction of attorneys.
We do not offer our services to the general public and take every precaution to make certain that we are not involved in unauthorized practice of law (UPL).

The goal of our service is simple...  to save your bankruptcy law practice time, help you increase profitability and to streamline your bankruptcy petition processes.  This results in greatly expanding your reach in helping more clients experience financial freedom.

We save our attorney clients an average of 7 hours of office time per debtor, increase profits by an average of 46%, and reduce debtor calls to the law firm by up to 75%.

Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.   

As contractors for attorneys nationwide, we are compensated the same way as any contracted service; therefore, we do not share fees.