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U.S. Petition Works

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Here are the simple steps to get started with U.S. Petition Works.  

Step 1:   Download our FREE Client Intake Forms here:   Complete Client Intake Form.pdf 

A bankruptcy petition is only as good as the information gathered to prepare the petition with and we have the perfect solution.

A client questionnaire must be simple for the debtor to complete yet effective at gathering the necessary information needed for data verification requirements.

The solution is our Client Intake Forms which have been designed with nearly a decade of experience in gathering debtor information and conform to BAPCPA law while remaining user friendly.

Our Bankruptcy Client Intake Forms are in use at hundreds of bankruptcy law firms nationwide to prepare Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy petitions.

Once you have downloaded the form, have your next bankruptcy client complete them.
(To have custom client intake forms made specific to your firm, please contact us).
Step 2:

Once the client(s) has completed the Client Intake Form and you have reviewed for missing information, please forward to our office along with:

·         Credit Counseling Certificate(s)

·         Last full six months of pay stubs or proof of income

You may email them to us at: 
Step 3:

We will contact you to briefly review the case before drafting the bankruptcy petition.

Once the petition has been drafted, (normally within 24-48 hours), it will be delivered to you via email in Adobe Acrobat PDF format to review, after which any requested changes will be made.

Once you have approved the bankruptcy petition, you can electronically file the case with the courts and we will send a copy to your client as well.

We have no up front fees and do not require payment until after you have approved the bankruptcy petition we have prepared.  Please note, filing a petition we have drafted is considered approval with our bankruptcy petition services.

You have our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If our work is not satisfactory, we will make it right.

(DISCLAIMER: For individuals seeking legal advice concerning a bankruptcy petition please contact an attorney. We are not attorneys and are not authorized to provide legal counsel or advice at any time or in any situation. We assist attorneys only in preparing bankruptcy petitions.)

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