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U.S. Petition Works

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Avon, CO 81657

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Our business is to help your bankruptcy petition preparation become more efficient, productive, and profitable, and our rates will always reflect this.

Whatever the amount you decide to charge your clients, when using our services we want it to make sense for you.  We have seen attorneys that are able to increase their fees to cover our petition preparation fees, and remain competitively priced in their market.

Our fee may fluctuate from case to case.  After we discuss your particular needs, we can determine a suitable flat fee per case, or we can base our fee on a percentage of the attorney fee, whichever works best for your practice.

We will also provide discounts for attorneys who utilize our virtual bankruptcy assistant services more than 10 times within a thirty (30) day period.  When this amount has been reached, we will contact the attorney and inform them of the discount.

For attorneys who utilize our services for more than three (3) petitions per month, we will provide the convenience of one invoice billing instead of individual invoices for each bankruptcy case.

Our rates are highly competitive and it is our goal to provide you and your bankruptcy law practice the best in bankruptcy petition preparation services.

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