• Conduct a prior bankruptcy search for each debtor to verify eligibility to file
  • Verifying that debtor(s) have satisfied the credit counseling requirement
  • Reviewing the completed Client Intake Forms
  • Interviewing the debtor(s) by phone to obtain missing information
  • Reviewing pay stubs to verify accuracy
  • Zillow® or RealtyTrac® property valuation
  • Land records ownership search
  • Civil and criminal records search
  • Lien search
  • Prior address search
  • Outstanding fines and judgments search
  • Unreported assets search
  • Kelley Blue Book® or N.A.D.A.® automobile valuation
  • Preparing a draft of the petition and all schedules, including the Means Test
  • Preparing the Statement of Financial Affairs and additional federal forms
  • Preparing additional local forms to comply with local court rules
  • Preparing a Chapter 13 plan, if applicable
  • Preparing Attorney Cover Page detailing potential red flags or questions
  • Making changes to the draft of the petition, as per Attorney’s instructions
  • Email petition upon completion to Attorney
  • Send a copy of the completed petition to the client

21 Step Petition Preparation Process

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